The Ensemble Espanol – Dress Rehearsal – 6/14/2018

f you don’t have plans for this weekend, go see The Ensemble Espanol at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie.

Here are 6 photos I took at the dress rehearsal this past Thursday. The performance is incredible as usual. Tickets are only $20 so don’t miss it!

José Greco 100th Anniversary Greco’s children Carmela Greco, José Greco II and Lola Greco perform on stage for the first time since their father’s passing. Other Program Highlights Include a World Premiere Ballet by Carlos Rodriguez honoring Dame Libby Komaiko and a Commemorative Performance of “Bolero” to mark its 25th Anniversary.

Jason Bugg at Kingston Mines

Jason Bugg performed a short but really nice set this afternoon at Kingston Mines in Chicago. My friend Lin just turned me on to him because we’re both Bob Dylan fans and there’s certainly a hint of Dylan in the way he writes and sings.

Jason just released his second album and proves that not all nineteen year old artists are trying to sound like Justin Bieber.

Thanks to WXRT for hosting another small and private show for some lucky listeners.

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