Women’s March Chicago 2018

Women and men of Chicago came out in force once again, with an estimated crowd of 300,000 rallying for equal rights and against the Trump administration at the second Women’s March.

It was really inspirational to see men and women of all ages getting out and marching.

Here are some of my photos from the day.

Women's March Chicago 2018


Ben Harper – Grant Park – July 7, 2017

Thanks to WXRT, Lin Brehmer and Sam Phelps for throwing me such a great birthday concert yesterday in Grant Park. Here are four photos I took of Ben Harper performing.
Great show! all photos © davesuarez.com
all photos © davesuarez.com
all photos © davesuarez.com
all photos © davesuarez.com


Women’s March on Chicago

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Grant Park Saturday for the Women’s March on Chicago,.  Attendance for the Chicago event more than tripled initial expectations, organizers said, to the point where city streets were so flooded, the march itself was canceled.

Event organizers estimated that 250,000 attended the rally, but city officials did not immediately release a crowd estimate. Attendance was three times what was expected and was among the largest outside the marquee Women’s March on Washington event.

A march to Federal Plaza in the Loop was canceled as the streets were filled with people. Despite the cancellation of the official march, many made their way to Federal Plaza anyway while the rally was going on.

Women's March on Chicago Photos January 21, 2017

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